Group K Racing Quality Engine Rebuilding

  In recent years, a few pwc “engine-remanufacturers” have appeared in the market place to provide low-cost, fast-turnaround pwc engines.  The mass production processes, and low-cost replacement parts used by these “remanufacturers” help to keep costs low.

  “None” of these pwc engine remanufacturers have a reputation rooted in the preparation of high performance PWC engines, or the preparation of high performance competition pwcs …. Their primary forte is remanufacturing stock-spec engines for stock PWCs … inexpensively as possible.


  Through the 1990’s, Group K racing engines won more PWC endurance races, and PWC endurance  championship titles, than all other shops combined.  From 1993 to 2002 we did the testing and development of our high-performance engine kits in the heavily contested endurance racing of IJSBA’s Region1.  Unlike many other shops, we worked with "all" makes and models of pwcs, and won numerous championships with various Kawasaki, Yamaha, and Sea Doo powered machines.

  With the experience drawn from this racing, we learned all the details of preparation that allows these engines to make exceptional power under the most extreme and abusive conditions.  When we rebuild these endurance-racing engines, we take the time to attend to all the details that result in an engine that is “as reliable” as it is fast.

 At Group K, we call our engine rebuilds “Racing Quality Rebuilds” because they are prepared to the highest standards for performance, instead minimal standards for costs.  In our Racing Quality Rebuilds, we use some non-oem components (where they are best), and some OEM components (where they are best).  In addition, all parts are inspected and prepared to be as sound as possible instead of just being “passable”.  Rebuilding an engine in this way takes more time than a “mass production” remanufactured engine, but it results in a sound engine that can operate reliably…even when modified.

  Unlike the mass-production re-manufacturers, our Racing Quality Rebuilds are also available with race-proven modification packages already built-in.   Since we have years of experience building complete hi-performance boats we can also offer our customers the best information on carburetor tuning, impeller choices, handling components, and other accessories that we know work best with the engines and PWCs that we prepare.

 No other PWC shop (or remanufacturer) offers you as much information for your PWC that is based on real-world “hands-on” racing experience.


Group K Racing Quality Rebuilding is currently available for the following PWC engines:

Click on model for Pricing Information

Yamaha                        Kawasaki                Sea Doo

All 650 models (aka 633cc)            All 650 Models (aka 635cc)            All 717 models (aka 718cc)

All 701 Models                                   All 750cc models                           All 787 Carb Models (aka 782cc)

All 760 Models (aka 753cc)             SXR 800 - all years                        All 947 Carb Models (aka 951cc)


ABOUT SHIPPING YOUR ENGINE:  UPS & Fed Ex both carry up to 150lb.(easily enough limit for any twin cylinder pwc engine).  Many customers opt to construct a framed plywood box with angled base pads so that the motor can be screwed directly to the box for shipment.  If sent in this way, we can return-ship your engine in your “good-condition” box.  If no “preferred box” is used, we will bill $25 for packing for the return shipment.

  Upon receipt of your engine, we will perform an initial teardown and evaluation before contacting you with estimate information.  Please note that engines with heavy corrosion damage may be considered “non-serviceable”.

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