Group K "Resto-Mod" Projects Page

Build-Up Recipes for the best  2-cycle PWCs to restore, and the most reliable mod packages for them.

There is a rapidly growing number of PWC owners opting to restore the lightweight & easy to maintain 2-cycle PWCs that they have enjoyed for many years.  At Group K, we have been building the most reliable 2cycle engine packages available.  Our endurance racing machinery won more championships and titles than all other shops combined.  We use the experience gained from these many championships to produce high-performance build-ups that offer the very best in reliability, fuel range, and performance.

 This page has links to pages that give current build-up information on many models.  These build-ups, called "Resto-Mods", are centered around the models that we consider to be the very best and most restorable models for various riding applications.  The focus of these build-ups is not to build race machines... but rather focus on the best in reliability, low cost, and fun-factor.  New additions will appear on this page as we complete the "Resto-Mod" build-up documents.

     General Technical & Political Information

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      Resto-Mod Build-Ups

1986-1993 650SX Standup "F650" 91 octane, single carb, Stock pipe 45mph,  or Mod pipe to 51mph
1996-2002 750SXi Standup "F800" build-up coming soon - refer to  Racing Mods for the SXi750
1990-1993 Super-Jet 650 standup build-up coming soon - refer to 
1994-1995 Super-Jet 701 standup The F800 build-up is a 91-octane single carb "SXR Killer"
1990-1995  Wave-Runner 3 build-up coming soon
2000-2002 GPR 1200 runabout build-up coming soon - refer to  GPR 1390 Big Bore
1999-2002 XL 1200 3seater build-up coming soon 
1995-1997 HX Sport The "Shredder" HX gives the power of a mod pipe setup, with the reliability and fuel range that comes from a stock pipe.
1996-1997 GSX 782cc Runabout A reliable pump-gas "Sport Cruiser" that has race boat handling along with a 90-100 mile range on a single tank of fuel
1997 XP 782cc Runabout build-up coming soon